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Design Spark Power Hack

After a brand redesign which firmly connected DesignSpark to RS Components wanted us to help them raise awareness of its free design tools to its community of engineers and encourage them to download and adopt the complete suite long-term. This would help position RS Components as front-of-mind to engineers worldwide.

Campaign planning & branding
Creative design
Social media management
Email marketing
Event planning & facilitation

Getting over the barriers.

We wanted to show engineers that the new DesignSpark suite of tools is perfectly designed to help them get back the time and freedom to create their big ideas. The suite was easy to pick up, so had only a short learning period needed to become competent with the software.

DesignSpark needed a campaign that would incentivise engineers to not just download the suite, but also engage with it and learn how to use it, thus removing the first barriers to new software adoption and engraining a strong brand presence for RS Components within the engineering community. 

DS Power Hack was born.

DS Power Hack.

The two-day live-streamed engineering challenge.


Equipped with 3D printers, we brought together 15 of the world’s best engineers into a two-day live streamed engineering challenge. The event was to be held at Google UK HQ – a venue synonymous with technical innovation and creativity.

Engineers would be challenged to design, innovate and create new solutions for a better world, with a tight deadline, all under the watchful eye of a celebrity journalist and tech enthusiast - Jon Snow. 

Power Hack was created in partnership with Practical Action, a charity that uses technology to challenge poverty across the globe. This allowed the engineers to really understand the impact of their life-changing work and connect with the poverty-riddled communities around the world.  

"This is the age of the coalition of the willing. RS Components, Practical Action bringing together technological know-how and NGO ability to connect with those communities."

Jon Snow - Journalist / TV Presenter

"A powerful gift to give...

"There was some true innovation in the area of domestic electricity generation, which could make a real difference to people’s lives around the world. If the prototypes and ideas from the Power Hack challenge were manufactured, they could enable communities to utilise the benefits resulting from electricity generation which could be life-changing, which is a powerful gift to give and shows true innovation."

Mark Cundle - Head of Technical Marketing - RS Components


Record downloads

in week 1 of the campaign

over campaign period


Reaching the audience

100,000 visits
to campaign pages

1,100% reach increase
total Facebook reach

600 press release shares viewed 5,000 times worldwide


Head of Technical Marketing, RS Components

"Freestyle's concept for a partnership between RS and Practical Action worked seamlessly - it gave a real focal point for the Power Hack, which helped our teams of engineers get right to the heart of the global domestic electricity problem. Another brilliant event with great end results."

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We started working with RS Components in 2013, delivering strategy, creative design and technical expertise for their digital campaigns.

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