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Case Study | RS Components



A long-standing partnership, launching a new software package for an electronics giant

We started working with RS Components in 2013, delivering strategy, creative design and technical expertise for their digital campaigns.


Global campaigns and events aimed at engineers.

We knew from previous research that often the barrier to adopting a new software was a lack of appreciating how easy it is to use it in the first place. RS Components had already spent time on making the software extremely easy to use and master.

We designed integrated, global campaigns where we involved the press and media, celebrities, made use of online streaming and beat our yearly target within the first month. 

Most importantly, RS Components became front-of-mind to engineers worldwide and usage of its Design Spark suite spiked.

Big Idea.

Each one unique, the campaigns we ran for RS all united  one central theme: using technology to change the world for the better. 

Between launching a new product, partnering with Practical Action Charity, being supported by Jon Snow, getting engineers into one place and inspiring them work on solutions was critical to the success of the events.

We've even made a call to "all free thinkers" through an integrated print and digital campaign when we launched DesignSpark PCB 6, a rapid prototyping software suite.

Needless to say, we're proud of the long-standing partnership with RS Components.