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Barns Bulletin #7

April’s been a busy month at The Barns, filled with big wins, exciting trips, and of course, plenty of pizza.

April has come and gone, so it’s time for a run-down of the month’s events! The Barns has been busy as ever, celebrating a few big wins, travelling abroad to visit clients, and consuming copious amounts of Easter chocolate. Read on to hear what else we got up to…


You win some...

Firstly, a big well done to Simon and Paul for successfully passing their Episerver exams! After alot of hard work and dedication, they're now fully certified, Episerver developers. We couldn't be prouder - top marks you two!

...You lose some

After receiving two exciting nominations in March for our (already-awarded) work on Pegasus Life, the start of the month saw a bunch of Freestylers head down to London for the Drum Marketing Awards. Alas, this time around it wasn’t meant to be, but that didn’t stop us dancing the night away. Fingers crossed for next time!

An insight into Freestyle, featuring Suzanne Linton

At the start of April, our MD, Suzanne, went to the Agencynomics event at Soho Hotel in London, to soak up some words of wisdom and chat all things agency. The event brought together agency leaders from all over the UK, to discuss agency structure, marketing, branding, new business and awards.

In her talk, Suzanne shared the Freestyle ethos with the other attendees, shedding some light into how to keep going through the ups and downs of agency life and about how to build a great team and culture. This received brilliant feedback, with attendees eager to learn how to echo Freestyle’s culture. What can we say, we’re trend setters!

Bonjour, Lyon!

Also this month, our Client Services Director, Kay, jetted off to Lyon for a global digital marketing workshop for one of our French clients. In amongst all the business-y stuff, Kay managed to fit in a ride around Lyon on electric scooters - the only way to see the beautiful city of Lyon. Judging by your photo, it looks like you had a great time Kay!

Holla from Holland

Speaking of trips abroad, our Co-Founder, Alan, ventured to Amsterdam to attend the GlobalLink NEXT conference, as sponsor and partner to the organisers, Transperfect.

In amongst the tech chit-chat and interesting case studies provided by industry experts, Alan reported that some of his favourite parts of the conference were the 4 coffee stations - including a mini Lavazza van, which served great coffee! Freestylers take caffeination very seriously ☕️. We’re glad you had a good time Alan!

🍕+ 🍻 = Freestyle meetings ✅

After fueling up on pizza and beer (essential meeting supplies), we put our heads together for a brainstorming session, to come up with some fresh ideas for one of our clients. The session was a success, and we came up with some corkers!

And yes, we managed to eat all that pizza!

A flying visit

We had the pleasure of welcoming sixth form student, Phoebe to The Barns for work experience in April. She worked closely with the design team to create some exciting new designs that will be featured on our Instagram! We got her to answer a few questions about her brief time at Freestyle, here’s what she had to say: 

What was your favourite part of your work experience?
The part I enjoyed most from my experience at Freestyle is tricky as I enjoyed it all! I especially loved the atmosphere within the agency as it is full of friendly and fun people whom you can tell enjoy working here. 

Why did you choose to spend time with Freestyle?
I chose to spend time with Freestyle as I’m looking to pursue a career within the creative/design industry, such as graphic design, so it was a great opportunity to work with the design team at Freestyle and see how design can be used within a digital agency.

What have you learnt during your time with us?
During my time with Freestyle, I’ve been able to build my skills in Photoshop and see how they advertise the company with their Instagram posts. Also, I’ve learnt what it is like to work in an office environment. How would you describe Freestyle in three words? Welcoming, Fun and COFFEE

Read what our other interns had to say about working at Freestyle!  

Getting to know Sarah B

We used our new Instagram feature ‘Freestyle’s quick fire questions’ to get to know our new Senior Account Manager, Sarah! We gave her 20 seconds to answer a few of our burning questions…check out her video if you haven’t already! 

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Hop(p)ing for choc 🍫

Easter has been and gone, but it couldn't have happened without some chocolate! Last year’s fork-and-knife chocolate egg competition was delicious, but this year we went on a full on egg hunt.

Here at the Barns, we’re in the middle of nowhere, and never has that been more useful than when you had 30+ people searching for Easter eggs. ✅Bushes, ✅trees, ✅abandoned houses.

3 month milestone 

We had another reason to celebrate in April, as one of our Digital Exec’s, Georgia AKA ‘G’, completed her first 3 months at Freestyle. G’s smashed her first few months, by taking on the site support role, getting stuck into video content creation and being an overall great addition to the team. Keep it all up G!

And that’s all for April! Stay tuned for May's exciting addition and keep up to date with everything happening inside and out of the Barns by following our socials:

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