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Team Freestyle Races to Lapland for Charity

Earlier in December, we set ourselves a new challenge: through exercise, cover the distance between our studio and Santaโ€™s house in Lapland before Christmas: Race to Lapland.

Averaging 200km/day, a room of nearly 30 people aimed for a total of 2187.5km over 21 days. So we got our best lycra trousers out, stuck a bike in the middle of the studio and sprinkled a bit of Christmas spirit with the communal, sweaty Santa hat. 


Low and behold, through a mix of cycling, running, walking, swimming, rowing and even ice skating, we met our goal with 1 whole day to go. Needless to say, we were all a little bit lighter, just in time for the mince pies.




But in-between the breezes of the fan and the water bottle top ups, there was a bigger mission we were striving to achieve. We raced to Lapland in aid of the Myton Hospice, a charity that offers fantastic end-of-life care when a cure is no longer an option. Theyโ€™ve made a difference to a few of us here at Freestyle, and we wanted to give something back to them this Holiday season. 

We raised nearly ยฃ400 for the charity and weโ€™re extremely grateful to everyone who donated. This plus the local food bank donations and Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Save the Children made this Christmas extra special for us. 



With all our goals achieved, itโ€™s time we gave our hat a wash and retire the bikeโ€ฆ (Until next year!). Thank you to our amazing team for supporting each other, jumping on the bike, allowing us to do this in the first place and donating for our cause. Merry Christmas!


Click here to see how we did it.



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