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Transforming ecommerce and mobile platforms 



Arriva is a leading bus operator in the UK, servicing over 1.5 billion bus journeys every year. We’ve been helping them grow their share of the UK transport market since 2008.


We recognised the opportunity for Arriva to use online channels to engage with new target audiences: young people, students and early technology adopters.

The website, however, was unstable, and it would often suffer crashes during high traffic periods.

Whether it's booking holidays or buying takeaways, these audiences are used to transacting online and they want it to be a seamless experience. With that in mind, we focused on delivering a mobile-optimised customer journey from checking timetable information and service updates through to journey planning and ticket sales.

We researched customer behaviour and website usage, benchmarked competitors and worked with Arriva stakeholders to plan, prototype and test customer experiences.



When it comes to serving enterprises, personalised journeys and AI-driven optimisation, Episerver has it all.

An organisation on Arriva's scale needs a platform that can handle high volumes of traffic and data. We took Arriva's site onto the enterprise-level CMS, Episerver, to not only meet the demand but tailor experiences for different visitor groups with personalised website journeys.

The site services 15 million visits a year and has delivered a 12% growth in monthly ticket sales through ecommerce since our last redesign.


15 million visits to the website a year, 500,000 tickets sold through digital channels every year and a 12% growth in online revenue year-on-year.



"Freestyle really got under the skin of our audiences and what they want from the online experience. We have their customer experience map on a wall in our office!"

David Shadbolt, Arriva Bus



Technical Director

Guy's been at Freestyle for over 12 years and he's worked with Arriva since day one. Guy's expert knowledge in the complex challenges within e-commerce has made sure Arriva's travellers are happy customers.

Want to work with Guy? Drop him an email:

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