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Episerver in 2018: A
Leader in Web Content Management


Backing the right horse: for its fourth year in a row, Episerver
leads the way in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report. 

We’ve never been big into gambling at Freestyle, though we’re not averse to taking a few risks here and there. One of the most calculated risks we’ve taken in the last 10 years has been to choose Episerver as a technical platform partner, and we’ve been happy ever since.


We’ve been an Episerver Solution Partner for a decade, and in that time we’ve seen them develop from a mid-level CMS platform into the broad marketing transformation technology platform they are today.


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We’ve matched their progress from intuitive CMS to early e-commerce to personalisation to the comprehensive suite of marketing tools. We’ve grown with them, helping our clients transform their digital presence and capabilities through continual evolution on the Epi set of tools and solutions.

One of the best indicators of a technology platform’s capabilities is the Gartner Report, and the ‘Magic Quadrant’. We’d like to congratulate our friends and Partners at Episerver for their appearance in the 2018 Magic Quadrant.

 Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management

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From visionary to leader

We’ve seen Episerver move year by year upward and to the right on the quadrant, from ‘visionary’ to sit in the ‘leader’ section for Web Content Management.

Episerver has now been positioned as a Leader in the Gartner report for the fourth year in a row. Gartner recognised Episerver for its ability to execute, completeness of vision and for being at the forefront of the WCM Marketplace for cloud capability.  


"Gartner recognised Episerver for its ability to execute, completeness of vision and for being at the forefront of the WCM Marketplace for cloud capability."


This places Episerver in esteemed company, with Sitecore, Acquia and Adobe completing the ‘top 4’ places.

From our experience, consulting with our clients, reviewing the Gartner conclusions and our technology and marketing understanding of the competing platforms, Episerver represents the best value for particular types of clients.


EpiServer's pricing strategy appeals to large enterprises and growing midsize organizations.

Gartner 2018


And guess what, most of our clients fall into these categories; they're mostly mid-sized international businesses, often B2B, with complex and varied audiences.

Episerver has also been recognised as the leading Visionary in the first Gartner Personalisation Report. Personalisation is particularly a hot topic in our conversations right now, and we look forward to developing Epi’s AI Personalisation solutions with several of our clients in the months ahead.


📈Find out more about Episerver’s Gartner performance here. 

💡Episerver's annual conference and personalisation - Episerver Ascend 2018.




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