Econsultancy Top 100: our 15th year


We’re delighted that 2017 marks our 15th consecutive appearance in the Top 100 Digital Agency table!

Econsultancy has run the top 100 feature since 2013; for 10 years prior to this New Media Age ran a similar annual ranking, and we’ve been there since 2003!

Agency life is a special existence, and growth is not always a straight line. We’ve had our challenges and successes over our 21 years since we started, we’ve seen significant changes in the agency landscape over those years and we’re very proud of our top 100 status.

Having a successful agency is about consistency and quality of work, innovation and solving client challenges; at Freestyle we also believe in a strong team culture, and doing work we enjoy. That’s why we have a rare combination of a stable and highly experienced team. Whilst that doesn't necessarily always mean stellar growth, it does mean happy clients, a fulfilled team and tremendous pride in the work we do.


What's next for Freestyle

Working predominantly in the B2B space, we’re seeing digital transformation starting to take off amongst more traditional industries and the role of an agency who truly understands client challenges in this arena is going to increase 

in importance over the next few years. That’s our main focus in the next phase of our own development.

Nearly a decade as an Episerver partner

2018 will mark 10 years as an Episerver partner which has been the mainstay of our web design and build service and remains our preferred marketing technology platform, particularly in this sector.

Well done to all the other agencies that have made the top 100; in a highly competitive and changing landscape, it’s a significant achievement!

At Freestyle, we pride ourselves on working with likeminded people and businesses to deliver digital excellence. If your business is ready to become a champion in digital, give us a call on 01926 652832.

Work with us.


New Business Director

Alan is Freestyle’s Founder and New Business Director. Get in touch with him for more information on the work we do, Freestyle Partners (DAM) and your upcoming project.

01926 652060

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