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retirement living.

Redefining the online experience
for the leading name in retirement development living.


PegasusLife is a provider of exclusive and prestigious retirement housing in the UK. 

Established in 2012, they challenge the concept of retirement living by reinventing the places and ways in which we live as we get older.



A brand ready to immerse into digital.



Despite a growing portfolio of 28 high-end properties, pegasuslife.co.uk was a disconnected brand experience with a difficult purchase journey and lacking the premium feel it aimed for.  

With a visual identity that felt dated, the target market were disconnected.  Instead of looking at a high-end living experience, they were looking at care homes and elderly persons’ developments - “not for them”. People needed to see a place where they would continue living to the fullest after retirement.

PegasusLife had created a dedicated microsite and branding for each one of their properties. This left its prospect customers having to navigate within a confusing brand experience and different web environments in order to compare the developments; the buyer journey felt disjointed and confusing.

PegasusLife was looking for a timeless, modern and premium digital experience for the brand and its products - a real marketing tool that will withstand the test of time. 


Rebranded for digital: an experience just as inspiring as the properties. 

We knew that our primary goal was to make the online experience feel just as inspiring as our team felt visiting a number of PegasusLife properties.

Earlier research indicated that the dual audiences of an internet-savvy ageing population as well as their key influencers - their adult children - are more demanding and less forgiving of anything but a rewarding online experience.

We focused our efforts towards defining the user experiences which informed our later build and developing the brand's identity.

We later enhanced each space with rich and vivid imagery that allows the user to gain a detailed understanding of the living experience in a particular development.


Redefined multi-platform user journeys to find the best possible solution. 

We created a detailed clickable prototype before any design work started.

This allowed us to refine various user journeys from desktop to mobile quickly and easily - finding the best possible solution for a variety of user types. 

It also allowed us to work collaboratively with the client to try ideas out, explore different approaches and then refine the prototype to find the best route for the target audiences before build. 


We used the Optimizely DXP to host all 28 properties into one cohesive and simplified environment. 

We applied Optimizely's CMS technology to make the site perform perfectly, enable full control by the PegasusLife team and provide a class-leading digital marketing platform for fresh, SEO optimised content.

With tablets being the most popular browsing device for our primary audience, creating an equally rich mobile experience was essential to meet the demands. 

Unique properties. Unique experiences. 

We took the challenge of incorporating each of the 28 properties within pegasuslife.co.uk.

We maintaining the unique appeal of each property, preserving their individual identities within a single overarching PegasusLife brand experience.

We learnt that tools like sharing and sorting by geography were important to our two audiences so they have been implemented from day one. The next phase includes interactive floor plans, comparison and saving functionality.

From the online browsing experience to viewing a property, people are always served a high-end experience. We took away all barriers to purchase.

Information architecture simplified.

Including 28 properties under a new website meant the user experience had to be clear and intuitive 

We improved the website usability through a clear, simple, well sign-posted website structure and informative copy that supports selling the properties.

With all properties under one roof, we next needed to enhance the UX journey offering using a refined, clear and simple navigation. 

We needed to increase the number of enquiries made through the website, so we made information more accessible and added a FAQs page answering the most common queries. 

Masso Del Llano

Digital Marketing Manager, PegasusLife

"Freestyle got to grips with the complexity of multiple property developments and have produced us a site we’re all really proud of, and an exciting vision of the future."



Better resonance with the target audience, a 31% increase in UK users, 23% more new users, lowered bounce rate to 25% and an increase in enquiries in the first 4 months since launch.

"We’ve been delighted with the whole process of revitalising the pegasuslife.co.uk website. "

Collette Masso Del Llano, Digital Marketing Manager, PegasusLife



Lead Designer

Ben's clean approach to design and expert knowledge in the latest prototyping and UX techniques delivered Pegasus Life the  beautifully crafted and intutive website you see today. 

Want to work with Ben? Drop him an email:


Project Manager

Charlotte is vital in ensuring we provide PegasusLife with a world-class service. 

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