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Tonic 02: All about AI in 2019

What you can expect to see and hear on the 14th of March

We’re all super excited for the next Tonic event in Birmingham on Thursday 14th March. Our first event - Tonic 01 - was a success with some high-quality content from our 2 industry speakers, and some lively discussion over the excellent canapés!

We learnt a lot from that initial event, so for Tonic 02 we’ve made a few changes, and already seen an uplift in initial interest.

We’re still in central Birmingham, manufacturing heartland, but have brought the event earlier to the late afternoon, following feedback from the attendees.

For this event we’ve picked the hottest topic on marketer’s lips - Artificial Intelligence - and lifted the lid to see what’s real, what’s myth and how marketers can use it right now to improve their business performance.

Andy Readman


Tonic #2 has 3 speakers in a short and packed agenda. We’re really excited to host Andy Readman from Wirehive, who works day by day identifying and solving challenges where AI, machine learning and advancements in software can make big differences to their partner agency clients. He’ll be looking closely at things like voice and image recognition, cognitive services and how they are impacting the way we interact with companies.

Keith Revell


Keith Revell is Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at Rubix, Europe’s largest Industrial product provider. Keith will be in a fireside chat with our very own Client Services Director Kay Edwin, who will be challenging Keith and getting under the skin of how Rubix are using advanced technologies inside their business. She won’t let him get away with industry jargon or marketing gobbledegook!

Guy Brown

Technical Director at Freestyle

Guy Brown is Freestyle’s Technical Director, and is the proud owner of a degree in Artificial Intelligence form 20 years ago, so he knows his onions! Guy will be lifting the lid on things like ‘weak’ and ’strong’ AI and how the broader hopes of scientists are being thwarted by the manipulative requirements of marketing. Stand by for a few questions, Guy! Luckily there’s a bar to help with an evening of geeking out.

There are still some spaces available, come along for some lovely food, delicious company and stimulating discussion. You can book your seat here.

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