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The Freestyle experience:
Q&A with Perry Feighan

Freestyler Perry Feighan shares his thoughts on what the Freestyle experience is all about...




Perry dev.jpgQ: What do you do at Freestyle?

A: I’m a front-end developer, working on various builds. I work closely with design and CX teams to bring together the functional and impactful for the experience of end-users.


Q: How long have you been at Freestyle? Has your journey within Freestyle changed since you first joined?

A: I’ve been here for 4 years and I started off predominantly with design experience and a small amount of front-end knowledge. But the plan was always to grow to be a fully-fledged frond-end developer. I managed to get there with the help of a senior Freestyle developer. Over the years, I've grown more and more in my role, to a place where now I can support the experience design process and help deliver upon our clients’ vision within my expertise.


Q: What is your favourite part of working on a product?

A: The accomplishment of finding the solution to a problem. It’s intrinsically related to what devs do anyway so it’s no wonder this appeals to me. It’s the satisfaction of having figured it out. 


Q: What do you like about working at Freestyle?

A: The people and the vibe are everything to me. I think the environment helps massively too, as we work in an open office where people can be themselves… This makes it feel quite relaxed and I think we are our authentic selves here… It’s something that is quite different from other places.

But there’s also the level of autonomy (and the trust that comes with it) that is also a special thing to have in the workplace and we have that here. I’ve discovered that I’m quite passionate about getting processes right and making work smoother between other teams and ours. So I can propose and run with improvements and changes, to make that happen. We’re able to self-regulate and are empowered to do things the way we think it’s the best way forward.


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