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Freestyle places 3rd
in UK Top 25 

SME Culture Leaders Awards


We’re thrilled to announce that Freestyle is part of the Top 25 SME Culture Leaders of 2019. The icing on the cake - we’ve actually come third. 

Our culture has always been something we’ve been proud of; from the way we celebrate our values, to the trust we put in people. 

Judges of the UK Top 25 SME Culture Leaders Awards 2019, run by Real Business and Breathe HR, highlighted our “top culture tip” to “be flexible” as one of the highest-scoring factors leading to our result.

That’s no surprise. Our flexibility is pinned in more than just policies - it’s rooted in transparency, in hiring the right people, in the team caring for the work and their colleagues… Ultimately it’s a result of our living, people-first culture. 

This award comes only months after Freestyle was shortlisted for the Working Families Awards, in the ‘Best for Embedded Flexibility’ category, up against Deloitte and Morgan Sindall. 

One aspect that secured our position in Top 3 was the commitment to engrain the people-first philosophy right from the hiring stage.

We always look to chat to fantastic people who would love to become part of the Freestyle team, regardless of whether we’re advertising for a role or not. We believe in working with people to develop their job descriptions, so that their job reflects their strengths. It’s as personal as it can possibly be, because it’s not about the skills. It’s about the attitude.

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If you like what you read and would love to become part of our team, drop us an email on

We are also looking for a mid-weight designer to jump on the Freestyle bandwagon!

See the full announcement here.

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